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Thinking Green While Thinking Blue

Environmental Benefits of a Pond or Garden

We use environmentally responsible methods for soil preparation, planting and maintenance.

Aerating the soil and “slicing” grass seed into the ground may take a little more time than the popular method of scattering the seed and drenching it in fertilizer, but it’s less wasteful and gets the seed where it needs to be. Putting the right plant in the right soil with the right care makes all the difference.

Creating a butterfly garden can enhance the environment and provide visual entertainment simultaneously!

We can create a butterfly garden for you. Many natural butterfly habitats have been lost due to urbanization and development.

Many popular shrubs and plants are appropriate for this, including azaleas, viburnum, asters, petunias, impatiens, and black-eyed susans. All a butterfly habitat needs is a flat source of water nearby out of the sun, food plants, and flowers that produce nectar.

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Planting a rain garden may seem like a small way to help the environment, but if you calculate the amount of rain that runs off your roof, you would be very surprised.

A rain garden is a bowl-shaped garden, planted with perennials, designed to absorb stormwater run-off from impervious surfaces such as roofs

That rain is supposed to soak into the ground, but instead often heads down the street to the storm drain, carrying pollution with it. Directing the rain into a beautiful rain garden is a natural solution.

Ask us about the suitability of your property for an environmental rain garden!

Backyard composting reduces waste and produces valuable organic matter for the soil at the same time.

Non-woody yard wastes are added to the pile and should be turned periodically. Natural sources (worms, insects, micro-organisms) will slowly break down the grass clippings and prunings into useful mulch. (Don’t add weeds, or you’ll be adding those seeds to your garden next year!)

We can set up your backyard compost pile or bin.


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