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A waterfall In Your Own Backyard

The soothing sounds of falling waters

With crystal clear water splashing and flowing over rocks and stones, tumbling over falls and pouring into pools, a waterfall is as wonderful to hear as it is to see. 

They add a dramatic effect to any home and can completely change the appearance of any backyard.

Waterfalls help decrease the traffic sounds near your home, giving you a backyard oasis you may have never thought possible. 

Adding a waterfall or stream can help make those evenings by the pond more enjoyable for everyone. Plus, moving water discourages mosquitoes.

Waterfalls can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes. A waterfall design can incorporate a pond in its design, combining the best of both.

Before you get started, here are three questions to ask:

  1. Will your outdoor waterfall be in a small, enclosed space or do you want it to be part of a grand entrance?
  2. Do you want to hear the sound of the water from a particular part of the house?
  3. Do you want a standard, full-sized pond with koi fish to accompany the garden waterfall? Or would you prefer a pondless waterfall?

Our experts will work with you to build the perfect waterfall for your needs. We can include regular cleaning and maintenance of your waterfall in your yard maintenance plan. 

Take a moment to visit our Waterfall Samples page for examples of what we’ve done for others. Let it sparkle your imagination. Working together, we can build the waterfall of your dreams!

To learn more about enhancing your yard with a pond, waterfall or fountain, call us at (410) 266-8586 or request more information.


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How Big Should My Waterfall Be?

Waterfalls come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You probably want something smaller than Niagara but bigger than your bathtub. You’re in luck, because that’s what we can provide!

Our creative designers will work together with you to imagine and build the best waterfall for your property.

To find out more about enhancing your yard with a pond or waterfall, request more information or call us at (410) 266-8586.

Be sure to ask about our free consultation with recommendations for your property.





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